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Issue 14   May 2015
EPSA Thinks Pink

Although breast cancer is an uncontrollable growth of the breast cells, do you know we can do, as future healthcare professionals, to reduce the impact of this disease?

EPSA launched a challenge and pharmacy students went out in the streets of Toulouse, France to increase awareness on how women can recognize the signs of early stages in breast cancer. Advice was given on how self-monitoring could be incorporated in to daily routines, and measures such as healthy eating habits to control weight, smoking cessation, limiting alcohol intake and partaking in regular exercise could be implemented to help the body stay as fit as possible. Participants went even further to demystify breast cancer by handing out leaflets and cards that promote self-examination of the breast.

To check out more about this campaign, click here.Also, watch out for EPSA’s upcoming campaigns on stress and pharmaceutical waste in the next months! Don’t miss out on the experience and make sure to get involved!

EPSA Mentoring Project
The purpose of the EPSA Mentoring Project is to provide professional guidance to pharmaceutical students from the past EPSA officials and other top professionals in pharmacy.
So why should you go through all academic paths on your own? EPSA can help you find guidance and advice from a Mentor who knows exactly how hard this journey can be, for a period ranging from three months to a year.

In its first year, the Mentoring Project enrolled 11 Mentors and engaged 13 students. Feedback received indicated that 91% of mentees would recommend it to their friends, so stay tuned for the registrations opening later this year and you could be the next student to exchange enthusiasm and knowledge with a fellow professional. Who knows? Maybe in a few years time you will be the passionate professional offering advice to the younger generation.

Inspire yourself with Nicoleta’s positive experience here!

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Antoine Duckit

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